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Sienna X gives a natural looking tan that will develop over 8 hours and last at least a week. It smells great, doesn't go streaky or orange and there are so many colour options to choose from.

Coverage Price

Full body £20.00

Legs only or ½ body £12.50

Host a spray tan party! Four guests or more and the hostess tan is free.

Pre treatment advice:
Don't wax/shave 24 -48 hrs before the treatment.
Exfoliate, wash and moisturise the night before paying particular attention to areas of hard skin such as the knees.
Paint all nails (including toe nails) with varnish.
On the day don't moisturise, wear any perfume, make up or deodorant.
Wear dark clothing for afterwards and take flip flop shoes.
Remove contact lenses and jewellery.

After treatment advice:
The tan substance shouldn't be removed until 8 hours have elapsed or it will be less effective. During that time don't go swimming, to the gym or tint brows or lashes. For perfect results don't use make up, moisturiser or deodorant.
After it has been removed use gentle soaps to wash and a scrub on the fourth day on areas such as elbows and knees, to maintain an even tan. Sienna X balance body wash and polishing body scrub are ideal for this purpose. Waxing or harsh exfoliation will remove the tan.

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